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Santa Fe RX - HEPA Filter (4024145)
20" X 32" X 4" HEPA filter for Santa Fe RX - 99.976 Efficient at .03 microns (requires secondary housing).  [More...]
MFG#: 4024145
1 Week To Ship
Santa Fe Classic Basement & Whole House Dehumidifier (4029700)
The Santa Fe is a Classic (formerly # 4021400), energy efficient dehumidifier. The Santa Fe is Energy Star listed and removes more water per unit of electricity than any other qualified dehumidifier. It is ideal for basement and crawlspace applications since it operates effectively in temperatures as low as 45F. Dehumidifies approximately 2,500 square feet.
Capacity: 100 pints per day - Ductable or free standing
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900
Intake Air: 80F, 60% RH
Water Removal: 100 Pints/Day
Pints/KWH: 5.2  [More...]
MFG#: 4029700
In Stock
Santa Fe RX High Efficiency Dehumidifier (4030440)
The Santa Fe Rx Air Purifying Dehumidifier is a free-standing device that has been specially designed to provide quieter operation and a finished appearance, making it suitable for use in offices, residences, libraries and schools. An optional HEPA or Activated Carbon filtration systems are available. Will condition approximately 2,200 square feet.
Capacity: 75 pints per day - Free Standing - Portable
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900

Width: 23"
Height: 37-1/2"
Depth: 20"
Weight: 130 lbs  [More...]
MFG#: 4023673
In Stock
HI-E Dry 100 Dehumidifier (4029730)
The HI-E DRY 100 removes 6.8 pints of water per kilowatt hour at 80F and 60% RH (106 pints/day), while the industry average remains at only two to three pints. The high-efficiency design of the HI-E DRY 100 offers more than just dramatically reduced utility costs. *Includes built-in pump & warranty covers commercial applications. Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4029730
1 Week To Ship
Suggested: $2,999.00
You Save: $640.00
Phoenix 200 MAX LGR Dehumidifier (4024920)
The Phoenix 200 MAX removes more water (up to 30 gallons) and has more grain depression than other refrigerant dehumidifiers while requiring less than 7.5 amps of electricity. Combined with this performance, the multiple ducting and air filtration options makes the Phoenix 200 MAX the most effective and versatile drying device made.
Capacity: 133 pints per day - Portable
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4024920
Special Order
Phoenix 200 HT LGR Dehumidifier (4029970)
The Phoenix 200 HT features patent pending technology that results in superior high-ambient temperature performance (increased water removal up through 120The Phoenix 200 HT features downward focused exhaust airflow which direct heat toward the floor, a raised based that improves drying directly under the dehumidifier, recessed condensate hose, in-board wheels, increased airflow with higher static pressure and an improved skid plate design.
Capacity: 140 pints per day - Portable
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4029970
Special Order
HI-E Dry 195 Dehumidifier (4030060)
The HI-E DRY model 195 removes over 183 pints of water a day (80F 60% RH) while drawing only twelve amps of electricity. The HI-E DRY 195 plugs into a 115 volt 15 amp outlet, and provides all the humidity control necessary for a 440 square foot pool. (82F Air Temp., 80F Water Temp. 60% Relative Humidity).
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4030060
2-3 Weeks To Ship
HI-E Dry Vehere Dehumidifier (4030050)
The Vehere unit can provide airflows up to 540 cubic feet per minute of odor-free, dryair. The Vehere can also remove over 192 pounds of water per day. Our compact refrigeration system uses less refrigerant, reducing your initial cost while improving reliability. Vehere draws less than 12 amps of electricity ensuring low annual operating cost.
Capacity: Up to 192 Pounds of Water a Day
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900

This ensures the use of a standard 20 Amp electrical outlet and LOW OPERATING COSTS!  [More...]
MFG#: 4030050
1 Week To Ship
Phoenix R175 LGR Dehumidifier (4026300)
The Phoenix R175 is a medium sized rotomolded LGR dehumidifier with full sized performance of 90 pints/day at AHAM (max of 21 gallons/day). 12" inboard wheels, telescoping handle, ductable inlet, 230 CFM outlet with snap-on duct ring, reservoir pump with 20ft lift and 33' drain hose, 20ft power cord.
Capacity: 90 pints per day - Portable
Questions? Call Toll Free (866) 764-9900  [More...]
MFG#: 4029200
Special Order
Santa Fe MERV 11 (65%) Pleated Filter - 16x20x2 (4021475)
16" X 20" X 2" MERV 11 - Standard Filter for Santa Fe, Santa Fe RX and Santa Fe HC Dehumidifiers  [More...]
MFG#: 4021475
In Stock
Thermastor Dehumidifiers Replacement Filter - 95% MERV-14 - 16x20x4
A super, high efficiency replacement upgrade filter with a MERV-14 rating made for the Phoenix 200 (Max only), Santa Fe RX, Ultra-Aire 100V - 16" X 20" X 4".  [More...]
MFG#: 4022489
In Stock
Santa Fe - Replacement Foam Pre-filter (4021468)
Original replacement foam pre-filter for Santa Fe dehumidifier.  [More...]
MFG#: 4021468
In Stock
Santa Fe - Optional Duct Kit (4021453)
One intake hood with 6" & 8" collars plus one 8" supply collar for Santa Fe dehumidifier.  [More...]
MFG#: 4021453
In Stock
Santa Fe - Optional Sound Muffler Kit (4022561)
For sound reduction of the Santa Fe dehumidifier.  [More...]
MFG#: 4022561
1 Week To Ship
Santa Fe Advance Aluminum Mesh/ Foam Pre-Filter
This is a Aluminum Mesh/Foam combination Pre-Filter made for the Santa Fe Advance. The filter can be rinsed and reused but will eventually need to be replaced.
Size: 12" X 12"
Actual Size: 11 1/2" X 11 3/4"  [More...]
MFG#: 4028523
In Stock
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