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The easiest way to identify the system type and power requirements for your new thermostat is to physically remove your existing thermostat, and identify which terminals are currently in use.

As a precaution, turn off the circuit for the furnace and air conditioner at the service panel.

Check the boxes below to indicate which terminals are connected on your current thermostat

Only check the terminals that currently have a wire connected to them. Your thermostat may have more or less terminals than those listed below, but these are the terminals that will determine what type of thermostat you need.

R, Rh, or Rc 24 Volt Hot
C or X 24 Volt Common
W or W1 Heat
W2 2nd Stage or Backup Heat
Y or Y1 Cool
Y2 2nd Stage or Backup Cool
G Fan
O or O/B Reversing Valve (Heat Pumps only)
E Emergency Heat (Heat Pumps only)
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