Replacement For Honeywell Filter - 20x20 - MERV 13, Single Filter

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Mfg:National Filter Sales
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Price: $49.95

20" X 20" X 5" MERV 13 Honeywell Filter Replacement. (Actual Dimensions - 19-5/8" X 19-7/8" X 4-3/8").

Highly-efficient, synthetic material features extended surface pleats that have a higher dirt-holding capacity than competitive filters.  These high quality filters capture and hold pollutants inside the filter, allowing clean air to flow freely through the system.


  • Cost-effective, high quality alternative to factory original filter
  • Built to same dimensions and specifications as original Honeywell filter
  • Moisture resistant frame remains sturdy even in high humidity
  • Rust resistant galvanized wire downstream gives the filter rigidity and holds media in place after installation 
  • Built-in support fingers hold pleats in place and allow for maximum dust holding 
  • For optimum system performance, replace the filter every six months
  • MERV 13 rating means the filter attracts common large household allergens like dust, pollen, and mold spores as well as smaller particulate like smoke, bacteria, and pet dander


  • FC100A1011
  • FC200E1011
  • CF200A1024
  • FC35A1019
  • 2400.4721
  • POPUP2020
  • 203721
  • SBHW1140
  • DPFW20X20X5M8
  • DPFW20X20X5M11
  • DPFW20X20X5M13
  • 82655.0452020
  • 82755.0452020
  • 5-2020-8
  • 5-2020-11
  • P25-3
  • Honeywell F25F1018 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F35F1016 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F100F1020 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F150E1018 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F100E1024 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F100F1026 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F100B2024 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F100F2036 Air Cleaner
  • Honeywell F200E1011 Air Cleaner
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