Ultravation Model 91-006 Progressive Media Filter - 20x25x5

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Ultravation Model 91-006 Progressive Media Filter - 20x25x5 (actual dimensions 19 5/8" X 24 3/8" X 4 3/4") - Rated MERV 11

 This is a Factory Original Ultravation Filter!

Quality filtraton is fundamental for any indoor air quality improvement solution. Ultravation Progressive Media is a whole house solution that reduces the number one indoor air problem: airborne particulates, including many allergens. 

Ultravation Progressive Media is layered filter system with a MERV 11 rating that can trap and hold more dirt than most filter designs without excessive air restriction. Its Shaped UltraStrand Fibers are specially designed and electrostatically charged, to capture and hold very small particles, increasing filter capacity.

Most Ultravation filters are pleated designs and contain 32 square feet of media This high level of surface area gives the filter a long life and prevents air resistance that wastes energy.

Replacement Filter for:

  • Part # 91-006
  • Air Cleaner Models 90-007, 90-008, 90-017, 92-001, 92-002, 92-003, 92-109, 92-110, 92-111, 92-043, 92-044, 92-045, 92-112, 92-113, 92-114
  • Air Cleaner Models 92-007, 92-008, 92-009, 92-130, 92-131, 92-132
  • Air Cleaner Models 92-013, 92-014, 92-015

MERV is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. Industry standard filter performance ratings created by ASHRAE, (The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers). The MERV 11 performance standard requires 85% efficiency for particles 3 to 10 microns in size. MERV 11 is considered a premium level of performance for residential applications

ProgessiveMedia filters the air entering your HVAC system and helps keep it running at top efficiency. By keeping cooling coils cleaner the heating and cooling process takes less energy. Long filter life means you will use (typically) just 2 filters per year.

Five inch Ultravation ProgressiveMedia filters designed to last about six months under normal circumstances. Your results may be different, depending on air conditions in your area. Dusty area may require more frequent replacement.