Climatouch CT0-7TC-32ADH - Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat with Humidity Control

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Climatouch CT0-7TC-32ADH - Programmable Thermostat with Humidity Control

Climatouch is a true touch-screen operated thermostat with an intuitive graphic user interface. Its revolutionary features and environmental comfort controls are conveniently accessible with the touch of a finger. Climatouch makes it possible to easily configure and operate any HVAC system with simplicity and precision.

Can be used to control the following heating/cooling systems (note - 24V Common Wire required - does not run on batteries):

Single Stage Heating and Cooling
Multistage Heating and Cooling
Heating Only
Cooling Only
Furnace (Gas, Oil, Electric, Hydronic)
Central Air Conditioning
Heat Pump
Heat Pump with Auxiliary Heat
Dual Fuel Systems

Unique Features:

LARGE, TRUE DOT-MATRIX TOUCH-SCREEN with adjustable contrast, automatic or permanent backlight and scratch resistant, easy-to-clean, screen surface.
7 DAY PROGRAMMABLE with 4 events per day and programmable temperature set-point and fan mode for each event. An easy-to-use COPY option for each day makes Climatouch the easiest thermostat to program.
ENERGY WATCH, patented feature, monitors kWh consumption of the compressor, furnace and fan and calculates the actual dollar cost of operating the HVAC system.
FILTER MONITOR feature assures highest level of air quality by indicating to the user to change the air filter at regular intervals.
VACATION MODE puts HVAC system into an energy efficient mode during vacation period to allow users to save energy while away without having to compromise comfort upon return.
SIMPLE MODE allows switching to a non-programmable thermostat with easy to read display and basic temperature and fan control options. Patented technology allows for quick return to a programmable thermostat without having to reprogram the thermostat.
SECURITY feature prevents operating the thermostat without entering a custom 4-digit PIN. FULL LOCK mode prevents accessing any control options or settings. PARTIAL LOCK only allows changes to temperature set-point without entering the password.
AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE MODE with smart logic algorithm automatically turns on heating or cooling to maintain temperature at the selected set-point.
AUTOMATIC HUMIDITY controls indoor humidity by  measuring indoor and outdoor temperature and uses smart logic algorithm to maintain a balanced environment, eliminate destructive condensation and improve comfort.
DUAL FUEL SWITCH CAPABLITY allows ClimatouchT thermostats to operate dual-fuel HVAC systems and simultaneously deliver ultimate comfort and energy efficiency.  Note: Dual Fuel capability only available when used along with LuxPro WTR064 Outdoor Sensor

Dimensions -
5.75" X 4.75" X 1.25
Terminals: I2, I1, RC, DH, H, C, Y2, RH, O/B/W, G, Y1
Setpoint Range: 45-90