Aldes 4" Roof Cap for Flat Roof with 12" Extension

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Mfg:American Aldes
Mfg#:22 434X
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Aldes 4" Roof Cap for Flat Roof with 12" Extension. 

NOTE:  This item is made-to-order and may take 2-4 weeks to ship.

American ALDES Model RCR round spun aluminum roof caps are ideal vent duct terminations for sloped or flat roof penetrations. The seamless integral roof flashing and weather cap are impervious to water intrusion, and eliminate the need for curbs on most flat roof applications. The "0" temper allaluminum type "1100" construction is highly durable and corrosion resistant. An integral 3-1/2" collar allows for simple duct attachment. The cap also includes an integral bird screen and is removable for duct inspection and cleaning.