Replacement MERV 11 Filter for Trane BAYFTAH23M - 21" X 23-1/2" X 5"
(case of 2 Filters)

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Price: $81.95
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case of 2 Filters
Suggested: $92.79

Aftermarket replacement for popular Trane/American Standard filter.  Interchangeable with BAYFTAH23M / FLR06073.  Dimensionally identical.  21" X 23.5" X 5" nominal size (20.1" X 23.2" X 5" actual size) - Rated MERV 11.  Note - this filter is not manufactured by Trane or American Standard.

Many of our customers have come to us looking for alternatives to the expensive OEM PerfectFit filters.  Because of unusual sizing and filter construction methods, substitutes have not been available.  . . . until now!

These filters are made by a leading manufacturer to the same dimensions and performance specifications as the factory filters.  Buy today and save!

-  21" X 23-1/2" X 5" nominal size
- 20.1" X 23.2" X 5" actual size
- Efficient slide in media air filter
- Furnace Enclosure filter for Trane/American Standard
- Replaces Honeywell TRN2321T1
- Used in model TFM235A0AH0, TFM235A0AH10, TFM235B0AH0A TFM235B0AH01,TFP235A0AH00,TFP235A0AH10, TFP235A0AH11 Perfect Fit High Efficiency Air Cleaners

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