BestAir Humidifier Water Treatment Tablets

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BestAir Humidifier Water Treatment Tablets - sleeve of 12 Tablets

These tablets work rapidly for the prevention of lime and scale build-up.  They also control unpleasant odors and slime build-up.

Why should I use BestAir water treatment tablets?

Every city has different hardness of water.  This hardness (iron and lime) will form on your appliance parts.  When this occurs it can shorten the life of the unit and cut back on performance.  Water treatment tablets will "tie up" the iron and lime in the hard water and drop it to the bottom before the scale can form on the moving parts and accessories.  The water tablets make it much easier to clean your unit.

For evaporative filter type humidifiers (portable) - Previously used humidifiers should be cleaned of lime and scale before using water treatment tablets.  Add 1 tablet to water reservoir (up to 10 gallon tank size) once per week.  Tablets continue to work, even after the water reservoir has been refilled.  Rinse out reservoir and base every time you add tablets.

For furnace type humidifiers and evaporative coolers - Add 1 tablet once a week to water distribution tray.  Keep drain holes clean to prevent clogging.  Previously used units should be cleaned of lime scale before using water treatment tablets.

For dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners - Add 1 tablet once per week to drain tank or pan.