Green Zone Multistage Zone Control Panel - Z-200-HC-MS

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Mfg:Jackson Systems

Jackson Systems Green Zone Z-200-HC-MS Zone Control Panel (Multi-Stage).  Can control two zones.  Includes zone panel and 1 discharge air sensor

Residential living spaces are often challenging and costly to make comfortable with basic heating and cooling systems. The U.S. Department of Energy states that the typical family spends an average of $1,300.00 a year on utility bills, with 44 percent devoted to heating and cooling expenses. This is a large energy waste that contributes to thousands of pounds of added carbon dioxide emission per household. Homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious and looking for ways to reducing energy consumption, while being more comfortable.

The Green Zone is a simple, high quality and competitively priced residential and light commercial zone control system that consists of a microprocessor based logic panel that can control two zones. The system is designed to eliminate the 8-12 degree temperature difference that exists between upstairs and downstairs in most two story homes, or between one end and the other in ranch-style homes. The system will also improve overall space comfort and lower operating costs.

How The Green Zone Works
The Green Zone panel is the "heart" of the zone control system. It receives signals from the zone thermostats and directs the right amount of conditioned air to the proper zone at the right time.

Other Components For Your Green Zone project:

Round or Rectangular Dampers regulate the air to each zone or area. The zone control panel tells the dampers whether they should be open or closed, making sure that conditioned air is only sent where needed.

Zone thermostats - act as the "command center" for controlling the zone temperatures. The Green Zone system will work with most thermostats allowing for maximum flexibility.

Barometric Dampers - As the zone dampers close, the system static pressure will tend to rise. In order to maintain constant airflow through the HVAC system, a barometric bypass damper will be required to bypass some of the discharge air back into the return.


. Auto changeover
. First Call Priority- 20 Minute Time Share
. Independent Fan Mode
. Short Cycle Protection
. No Adjustments Required
. 10 Amp Heavy Duty Relay Contacts
. Fused Inputs and Outputs
. 10 Year Panel Warranty
. Multi-Stage (2H/2C)

MOUNTING: Snap Track with 2 back plate screws
PANEL DIMENSIONS: 8" x 6" x 1.375"
OPERATING HUMIDITY: 5% to 90% - RH non-condensing
WIRING: 18 - guage thermostat wire
3 minutes minimum off between cooling calls
3 minutes off on low limit
20 minutes time share