Panther Vision 2x LED Flashlight Hat, Tan

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Introducing The Cap That Lights Your Way

The "ultimate hands free flashlight"! This hat looks just like every other premium quality ball cap, with one very important difference. When you need light, just click the switch hidden on the underside of the brim and you have instant Ultra Bright Light from the LED's that are built into the brim! Hats are embroidered with logo.

2 Ultra Bright LED's are concealed in the front of the brim and lights up a 15 foot area bright enough to do whatever task awaits you.

Perfect for Walking, Grilling, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Home Improvement Projects, Power Outages, Walking the Dog, Working on the car, or anytime you need additional light but need to keep your hands free.


  • Premium, 6 panel hat with sandwich trim, premium comfort sweatband and durable Velcro closure.  One Size Fits Most.
  • 2 Ultra Bright LED's concealed in the brim provide hands free light when and where you need it.
  • Lights Up a 15 ft area brightly and can be visible from over a mile away.
  • Easy "on/off" switch concealed in the brim.
  • 2 CR-2032 coin cell batteries are concealed in the sweatband, provide up to 30 hours of continuous light and are easily replaceable.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty.