Jackson Systems Limit-StatT Programmable Thermostat Model LS-HCP

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Mfg:Jackson Systems
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Jackson Systems Limit-StatT Thermostat Model LS-HCP  5+2 Day Programmable.

A great product for landlords and property managers!

Limit-StatT is a low cost, easy to install, digital thermostat. The difference is that Limit-StatT prevents the heating temperature from exceeding 73 degrees, even if the tenant sets the thermostat higher. Don't let rising energy costs erode your profits!

The Model LS-HCP Limit-StatT operates like an ordinary manual changeover heating/cooling, digital thermostat. In normal operation, it allows full user control in selecting mode (HEAT/COOL) and fan (ON/AUTO) as well as adjustment of heating and cooling setpoints. However, when the thermostat is in the heating mode of operation, the built-in limiter will prevent the temperature from rising above 73° F when the setpoint is adjusted above the limit range. This unique feature greatly reduces energy costs.  5+2 Day Programmable.

NOTE: This thermostat does not run on batteries - required a 24 VAC "common" wire.

5.1" W x 3.75"H x 1.1"D

Electrical Specifications
0 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
0.05 to 1.0 Amp (load per terminal)

Thermal Specifications
Setpoint Temperature Range: 45° to 90° F
(7° to 32° C)

Limiter: Fixed Range 73° F (+/- 2° F)
(22.5° C)
Rated Differential: 0.6° to 1.9° F with
adjustable anticipation

Operating Ambient Temperature: 32° to
105° F (0° to 40° C)

Operating Humidity:
90% non-condensing maximum

Shipping Temperature Range: -4° to 150° F

The Temp-LimiterT interrupts the connection between the furnace and the "W" terminal on the room thermostat