Braeburn Model 3200 2 Heat/2 Cool Non-Programmable Hardwired Multistage Thermostat

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Braeburn Model 3200 2 Heat/2 Cool Non-Programmable Hardwired Multistage Thermostat.  This thermostat requires 24VAC Common Wire.  Does not run on batteries.

The digital non-programmable thermostat shall be a Braeburn®, model number 3200, 4.63" high x 5.00" wide x 1.25" deep, powered by 24 Volt AC. The thermostat shall be compatible with multi-stage heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating and two stages of cooling. The thermostat shall have a bright blue backlight display, front loading battery door, separate sub-base for trouble free installation and keypad lockout. Temperature control range shall be between 45° and 90° F (7° and 32° C), accuracy of +/- 1° F (+/- .5° C), humidity range between 5% and 95% relative humidity. The thermostat shall include programmable recirculating fan mode, residual cooling fan delay, separate heating and cooling set points, non-volatile memory to retain user settings, auxiliary heat fossil fuel switch and multi-colored LED status indicators. A front reset button will return user settings to default values when pressed. The thermostat can be mounted to a horizontal or vertical junction box.


. Large Display with Bright Blue Backlight
. AC Powered with Latching Relay Output
. Non-Volatile Memory to Maintain User Settings
. Recirculating Fan Mode
. Residual Cooling Fan Delay
. Separate Heating and Cooling Set Points
. Compressor Short Cycle Protection
. Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage Temperature Differential
. Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Switch
. ESD GuardT Electronic Circuitry
. Multi-Colored LED Status Indicators
. Front Access Reset Button
. F° / C° Switch
. Mount to Horizontal or Vertical Box
. Separate O & B Terminals
. Keypad Lockout


Dimensions: 4.63" x 5.00" x 1.25"
Electric Rating: 24 Volt AC (18-30 Volt AC)
1 amp maximum load per terminal
3 amp total maximum load (all terminals)
AC Power: 18-30 Volt AC
Compatibility: Multi-stage heat pump systems with up to two stages of heating and two stages of cooling
Control Range: 45° to 90° F (7° to 32° C)
Display Range: 40° to 99° F (4° to 37° C)
Accuracy: +/- 1° F (+/- .5° C)
Temperature Differential: 1st Stage - .5°, 1°, or 2° F (.25°, .5°, or 1° C)
2nd Stage - 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°, or 6° F
(1°, 1.5°, 2°, 2.5°, or 3° C)
Storage Temperature: 14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity
Interchangeable Sub-Base: Braeburn 5200 Programmable
2 Heat / 2 Cool Heat Pump
Terminations: R, Y1, Y2, W2, E, G, O, B, L, C