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Honeywell TrueUV 24VAC Coil Treatment UV System - UV100RM1

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No Longer Available

Honeywell TrueUV 24VAC Coil Treatment UV System - UV100RM1

The UV100RM1 TrueUV Coil Treatment System is mounted at the air conditioner coil of an HVAC system. It helps prevent mold and mildew from forming on the air conditioner coil and drain pan which can lower the efficiency of the cooling system and can allow unwanted odors into the home.


. Remote mount bulb and ballast allow for flexible installation in any application.
. 24V ballast does not require electrician to install additional outlets.
. SnapLampT replacement bulb allows for easy maintenance. No screws needed for bulb replacement.
. Ballast can be set to run continuously or to cycle - extending bulb life.
. Shield allows installer to direct UV-C light away from access panels for safety and onto A/C coil where the light is needed.
. TrueUV can be installed on exterior surfaces or on interior surfaces.
. Adjustable mounting bracket allows TrueUV to be installed in tight locations.
. Exterior mounting requires little clearance, so TrueUV can be installed in closets and tight spaces.
. Indicator window allows safe viewing of lamp operation.
. UV-C light kills airborne bacteria and surface mold.
. TrueUV does not produce ozone.
. Five-year limited warranty.


Description - Low voltage ultraviolet treatment system with remote mount capability
Application Type -  Coil Irradiation Application
Contaminants Reduced -  Surface Mold
Switch: CYCLE runs 3 hours on/3 hours off
Electrical Ratings  - 24 Vac
Electrical Rating (Watts) -  18W
Operating Temperature (outside Duct F)  30 F to 104 F
Operating Temperature (outside Duct C)  -2 C to +40 C
Operating Temperature (inside Duct F)  30 F to 140 F
Operating Temperature (inside Duct C)  -2 C to +60 C

10-Year UltraClean Coil Guarantee
If you properly maintain your new Honeywell Coil Irradiation Ultraviolet Air Treatment System, Honeywell guarantees that if your indoor coil requires cleaning within the next 10 years, Honeywell will pay 75 percent of the cost (up to $150) to have it professionally cleaned by a qualified contractor.