White-Rodgers 1F85RF-275 Thermostat and Wireless Remote Sensor Kit

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1F85RF-275 Thermostat and Wireless Remote Sensor Kit. 

3 Heat / 2 Cool.  Solve temperature problems quickly with the 1F85RF-275 thermostat kit. A wireless RF remote sensor may be placed upstairs, downstairs or in a sunroom to eliminate hot and coldspots. With no sensor wires to pull, each installation is between 30 and 60 minutes faster. Plus, it's the only wireless system that offers temperature control right at the remote sensor to ensure comfort at every level.

Wireless remote sensor - sense and control temperature anywhere it's needed - upstairs, downstairs, or remote rooms - choice of optimum temperature sensing for the application- choose weighted or averageing temperature control.  Room temperature can be raised or lowered 4 degrees from the remote sensor.


Battery monitor
Two+ year battery life for transmitter
Lighted display
60,000+ serialized codes for transmitter/receiver combinations
10 user selectable radio freq. channels
Remote temporary override capability from 0 to 8 hours (4 hour default) +/- 4°
Keypad lockout
Includes 2 "AAA" batteries

Choice of 5/1/1 day programmable or non-programmable 4 time and 4 temperature settings per program (heat & cool)
Energy savings up to 33%
Patented pre-programmed software simplifies time and temperature programming

Lighted display for easier low-light viewing
Comfort & Convenience
Optional minimum and maximum temperature configurable
Auto Changeover (optional)
Permanent program retention during power loss, no batteries needed
Indefinite setpoint Hold or programmable timed Hold up to 8 hours
Air filter change indicator
Simple "set-up" menu to activate optional features
Programmed temporary temperature override 2 hours or until next program period
Maintains room temperature differential within +/- 1°
Display temperature recalibration (+/- 4°)
Includes 2 "AA" alkaline batteries for long battery life

Universal - Single Stage, Multi-Stage or Heat Pump
Dual Powered (Hardwire and Power Stealing)
Coded keypad lockout
Selectable Energy Management Recovery
Meets ENERGY STAR® specifications
Meets California Building Code, Title 24
Fast (FA) or slow (SL) heating cycle anticipation
Compressor lockout protection (optional)
Setpoint temperature limits
Wireless Features
Wireless temperature sensing inside and outside
Temperature averaging/weighing by program period remote and local
Indicator icons for successful communication status
Wireless range up to 200 feet

Electrical Specifications
20 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz or DC
0.05 to 1.5 Amp (load per terminal)
2.5 Amps maximum load (all terminals combined)
Standard Systems
Multi-Stage-2 stage heat, 2 stage cool
Heat Pump-up to 3 stage heat, and 2 stage cool
Single stage gas, oil, electric

Thermal Specifications
Setpoint Temperature Range:
45° to 90°F (7° to 32°C)
Rated Differential:
0.6° to 1.6°F with adjustable anticipation
Operating Ambient Temperature:
32° to 105°F (0° to 40°C)
Operating Humidity Range:
90% non-condensing maximum
Shipping Temperature Range:
-4° to 150°F (-20° to 65°C)

Thermostat - 6.1"W x 3.8"H x 1.75"D
Sensor - 4.2"W x 2.6"H x 0.8"D