Tjernlund DB2 Duct Booster for Rectangular Ducts

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Tjernlund DB2 Duct Booster for Rectangular Ducts

For boosting air flow in heating or air conditioning ducts, or for powered ambient air intake or exhaust. Easy installation in both round and rectangular ducts. Can be installed in a section of metal duct and spliced into a section of flex duct.
Installs in round metal ducts from 5" - 8" diameter or rectangular ducts as shallow as 3 1/4". Maximum ambient room temp. 100 degrees F.  Includes mounting template.  Duct opening approx 7 1/8" X 4".  Fan can be switched with furnace / AC blower using convenient air proving switch. 

Its size and design limits its use to branch ducts serving individual rooms, not the main supply or "truck line" duct. The DUCT BOOSTER® can be mounted on round or flat ducts. It is frequently installed on a warm air duct of a gravity warm air furnace to provide heating for a basement area.


6" Duct
Free Air CFM - 200
25 Feet CFM - 150
50 Feet CFM - 100
75 Feet CFM - 95

8" Duct
Free Air CFM - 275
25 Feet CFM - 250
50 Feet CFM - 220
75 Feet CFM - 180

Maximum Air Temp - 200 degrees F


Volts - 120
Amps - .51
Watts - 40
Phase - 1
Hertz - 60