Climatouch CT0-7TC-32 Programmable (7 day) MultiStage (3 Heat/2 Cool) Thermostat

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No Longer Available
ClimatouchTM C3 is a touch-screen operated thermostat with an intuitive graphic user interface. Its revolutionary features and environmental comfort controls are conveniently accessible with the touch of a finger.

ClimatouchTM C3 makes it possible to easily configure and operate any HVAC system with simplicity and precision.

-Comprehensive programming for each day of the week, 4 periods per day, with copy option to quickly create the same custom comfort settings on different days. As well the fan can be programmed to run automatically, intermittently or upon request.
-Smart logic AUTO MODE simplifies the programming of the desired comfort settings.
-The thermostat will automatically select heating or cooling to maintain the set point temperature.
-High Precision staging controls deliver advanced comfort and control (+/- 1°F).
-Clear and easy to read LCD display, works in all lighting conditions. The NIGHT REVERSE feature is automatic.
-Clock updates automatically to daylight savings time plus power-failure protection, no need to re-program the comfort settings after a power outage.
-Energy efficient VACATION MODE saves energy and money without having to compromise comfort by restoring normal settings on the day of return.
-Two levels of security settings provide integrated multi-level security. The ClimatouchT C3 prevents unauthorized use or configuration changes: FULL LOCK prevents accessing any control options or settings without entering a customizable 4 digit PIN. PARTIAL LOCK allows changing only the temperature set point without entering the PIN.
-FILTER MONITOR maintains the highest level of indoor air quality plus user programmable interval reminders to change the air filter.
-Create custom INSTALLER MESSAGE, up to 42 characters, to advise the user of important scheduled maintenance periods.

Physical Dimensions
Case: 5.75" x 4.75" x 1.25"
(145mm x 120mm x 30mm)
Display: 3.625" x 2.125"
(95mm x 55mm)

Electrical Rating
24 volt AC/DC
Class 2 maximum 4 amps
Temperature Accuracy +/-1°F degree
Humidity Accuracy +/- 5%RH