3MT Particulate Filter 2071, P95
(case of 10 Pcs)

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Mfg#:2071 P95
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3MT Particulate Filter 2071, P95 - 10-Pack. 5 2-Packs

NIOSH approved for environments containing certain oil and non-oil based particles.

The 3MT Filters 2000 Series have been developed with your respiratory protection needs in mind. Specially designed carbon layers and advanced filtration technology provide comfort and convenience.
When you're interested in performance as well as simplicity of use and comfort, the 2000 Series filters are just what you're looking for. Used in conjunction with 3MTM 5000, 6000 and 7000 Series Facepieces, these filters help provide respiratory protection in a variety of industrial settings. Depending on the conditions and contaminants in your work area, one of these filters should suit your needs.

Each of the 2000 Series filters can be used as stand-alone filters with 3MTM 6000, 7500, 700X, and 7800 Series Facepieces or as prefilters with 3MTM 5000 Series Respirators and 6000 Series Cartridges (use with 502 adapter).

. Comfort. 3M's Advanced Electret Media (AEM) provides a lightweight protection not found in filters containing fiberglass.
. Approved protection. All of the 2000 Series filters are NIOSH approved.
. Versatile protection. The 2000 Series filters are well suited for a wide range of particulate contaminants found in oil and non-oil environments.
. Simplicity. The versatility of these filters reduces your inventory and
training requirements.
. Compatibility. The 2000 Series filters can be used with 3M's wide variety of half and full facepiece designs.
. Durability. Unique flexible filter material enables the product to be worn in close quarters. Its rugged construction resists abrasion and wetting. Filters are flame and water resistant.
. Economy. The 2000 Series filters are economical to use compared to
traditional filters and cartridges.