Grasslin Mil 72A Timer (MIL72ASTuZ-24)

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No Longer Available

Time based control of lighting, ventilating, heating, cooling or other electrical loads in commercial and industrial applications. The MIL 72 time switches come with a 24-hour dial with a SPDT switch (form "C" contact). The MIL 72A series is intended for surface mounting. The control is completely enclosed in a plastic housing and includes a terminal cover and sub-base for installation and hard wiring.

. Synchronous drive or quartz drive with battery backup
. 21A SPDT switch
. Captive trippers with interval as low as 15 minutes
. With or without 3-way override
. Real clock face
. Surface, flush, or DIN rail mount

Size: MIL 72A: 2.83" x 4.0" x 2.06"
MIL 72E: 2.83" x 2.83" x 1.36"
Power Consumption: 1VA
Switch: SPDT dry contacts, silver cadmium oxide
Switch Rating: 21A 250V Resistive
1350 Watts Tungsten
1HP @ 120V
2HP @ 240V
16FLA, 96LRA-120VAC
12FLA, 72LRA-240VAC
Minimum Switching Current: 100ma, 20V
Ambient Temperature Range:
-40°F to 180°F synchronous units
-14°F to 131°F quartz units
Wiring Connections: Screw
Terminals Suitable for #10 to #24AWG

Stand Alone: With indoor or outdoor enclosure
Panel: Surface, flush, or DIN rail mounting

Furnish and install a Grasslin MIL 72____ 24 hour (7 day) time switch with 15
min. (2 hour) interval captive trippers and quartz (synchronous) drive. Input
voltage shall be 120V (24V, 240V, 277V) and SPDT switch contacts shall be
silver cadmium oxide rated at 21A, resistive, 2HP @ 250VAC. To set the starting
time and to provide time indication, the unit shall incorporate an authentic
clock face. Installation for surface, (flush, DIN rail or within indoor or outdoor enclosure) mounting. Time switch shall contain an OFF/AUTO/ON override.
For Carry-over: The time controls shall have a quartz drive with 7 day reserve
carry-over from a rechargeable battery.