TT430 Instant Infrared Thermometer

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. Display switchable in °F or °C
. Maximum and Minimum Hold
. Auto-switch-off after 15 sec.
. Fast response time .5 sec.
. Smallest Infrared Thermometer available - only 2.7" x 1.5" x .7"

Range: -27° to 428°F (-33° to 220°C)
Accuracy: - 2.5°F or 2% F.S.
Resolution: .1°F or C
Response Time: .5 sec.
Repeatability: - 1%
Optical Resolution: 1:1
Wave Length: 8 - 14 microns
Emissivity: Set at .95 adjustable between .05 and 1
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120°F
Power Supply: 3V button cell CR2032
Battery Life: Approx. 40 hrs.
Dimensions: 2.7" x 1.5" x .7"
Weight: .9 ounces

Measuring temperature has never been easier and faster - just point the thermometer at your target and push the measurement button.
The TT430 Infrared Thermometer is ideal for use in home, field, office, laboratories and industries - anywhere you need fast and accurate measurements of surface temperature without burning yourself or cross-contamination.

Industrial: Monitor boiler operations, steam and cooling systems, detect hot spots in electrical systems, fuse panels, bearings, etc.
HVAC: Check furnace and duct leakage, window and doors leakage, detect insulation defects, check ceiling, walls and floors for proper room temperatures.
Food Safety: Monitor food storages and equipment, check food temperature without cross-contamination.