GeneralAire G99 Air Filter Gauge

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GeneralAire G99 Air Filter Gauge

No more guessing! An easy-to-use, easy-to-read gage to monitor filter media loading so that filter media may be changed when needed. The gage is installed between the blower and the filter, where a slight vacuum exists due to the air-flow resistance of the air filter. Air flowing into the gage, around the calibration screw, lifts a vane in proportion to the negative pressure in the blower compartment. As the air filter loads, the vacuum increases, raising the vane to indicate a filter change is necessary.

. Dial design is easy to read and interpret when filter needs to be changed.
. Easy to calibrate for new, clean media.
. Easy installation.
. Built-in filter screen removes dust from sampled ambient air to keep gage clean.
. May be mounted remotely up to 10 feet from monitoring location (with extension kit).
. Easy to disassemble/assemble for service.
. Low cost.
. Variety of uses wherever a blower/filter combination needs to be monitored.

The gage must be located where it can sense pressure conditions in the blower compartment between the filter and the blower.
1).  Select a location on a vertical surface enclosing the blower compartment and drill a 3/8" hole.
2).  Remove the protective paper from the foam adhesive strip on the back of the gage. Mount the gage in a level position with the pressure sensing tube projecting into the blower compartment.