Honeywell TZ-4K System Saver Kit

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The Honeywell TZ-4K System Saver Kit is the one-box solution kit that contains the TZ-4 Panel, C7735A Discharge Air Temperature Sensor and AT140D Transformer. This kit can manage up to 4 zones and is expandable up to 32 zones with TotalZone® Add-A-ZoneT Panels.

TZ-4 TotalZone® Zone Control Panel (3H/2C)

Four-zone panel designed to provide first call changeover from any zone thermostat. For most HVAC systems including singlestage and up to three stages of heating and two stages of cooling and heat pump.

New Features:
. Four zones for the price of three.
. Dual fuel capacity for add-on heat pump applications.
. Compatible with multi-stage and heat pump thermostats.
. Expandable using TotalZone® Add-A-ZoneT Panels.
. Controls up to 28 zones.
. Uses any Honeywell four-wire thermostat to control any type of
equipment including the T8611G2051 Heat Pump Thermostats and
Honeywell Multistage Thermostats.
. Controls additional stages of heating and cooling based on:
- Time, adjustable from 5 to 30 minutes.
- Percent of zones calling.
- Thermostat.
. Built-in Emergency Heat switch eliminates need for expensive heat
pump thermostat on each zone to reduce total system cost.
. Zone-A-LoneT allows zone 1 thermostat to set back all zones during
unoccupied periods.
. When opposite calls exist, the TZ panel services the mode that called
first and either satisfies that call within 20 minutes or drops it and
switches over to the opposite mode to satisfy that demand.
. When all calls are satisfied, the TZ panel allows fan operation from
any zone through the Fan switch on each thermostat.
- Setting the Fan switch to On from any thermostat turns on the fan
and closes the damper to zones with Fan switches set to Auto.
. Additional features:
- Resettable circuit breaker protects the panel.
- Visible LED indicators communicate operation.
- Adjustable stage control timer.
- Adjustable heating and cooling temperature limits for optional
C7735A1000 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor.
- Adjustable purge timings.
- Option of using two transformers for power when many dampers
are needed.

C7735A1000 Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

A duct-mounted temperature probe used to provide capacity control of the heating and cooling equipment.
. Used only with Honeywell zoning solutions including TZ-3, MABS
EZ-2 and -4, and EMM-3 and EMM-3U control panels.
. Mounts in the supply air duct to sense the delivered air temperature
and cut off the heating or cooling when the delivered air temperature
goes above or below normal operating limits.
. Requires only two wires.
- Uses normal 18 to 22 gauge thermostat wire for shorter runs.
- Uses shielded cable for longer runs or when wiring near line
. Replaces ZoneMAX Sensor.

Product Specifications

Application: Zoning
Network Zoning: No
Available for: four zones
Number of Zones: four zones
Heat Pump Compatible: No
Stages: 3 Heat/2 Cool
Auto Changeover: Yes
Voltage: 24 Vac
Discharge Air Temperature Compatible: Yes
Compatible with Supply Air Sensor: Yes
Emergency Heat Switch: Yes
Resettable Fuse: Yes
Individual Zone Fan Control: Yes
LEDs: Yes