Z-300-HC Zone Control Panel (1 Heat / 1 Cool)

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Mfg:Jackson Systems
No Longer Available

Z-300-HC is a light commercial / residential zone control panel that allows a single heating / cooling unit to have up to nine (9) separate zones. Each zone is controlled by its own space thermostat and motorized damper.

Sequence of Operation
If any of the zone thermostats call for heating or cooling, the zones not calling will have their dampers driven closed, and the zone(s) calling will have its (their) damper(s) remain open. The heating or cooling equipment will also be brought on at the same time. When all zones are satisfied, the heating or cooling equipment turns off and all zone dampers return to the open position to allow for continuous air circulation. If one of the zone thermostats is calling for heating and another zone thermostat is calling for cooling, the one calling for cooling will take priority and the system will operate in the cooling mode. When the thermostat that is calling for cooling is satisfied, the system will change over and take care of the heating requirement. This is referred to as "Auto Changeover - Cooling Priority".

The zone control system works with standard, single-stage, heat / cool thermostats. The thermostats can be either manual or auto changeover.

Installation Summary
-The control panel requires a separate 24 Volt transformer.
-No special wire is required.
-The thermostats and motorized dampers may be located up to 300 feet from the control panel when using 18 gauge thermostat wire.
-Zone dampers are powered closed / spring return open.
-If condensing unit is not equipped with short cycle protection, a short cycle protection timer (TD-5) should be installed.
-The two wires from the condensing unit should be connected to the "Y" and transformer common terminals at the furnace.
-The low limit (FS-38) should be wired to the "LL" terminals on the panel (remove jumper). The compressor will shut off when low limit trips out.
-The high limit (HL-170) should be wired to the "HL" terminals on the panel (remove jumper). The furnace will shut off when high limit trips out.
-A 40 VA transformer will power the panel and up to four (4) dampers.
-A 75 VA transformer will power the panel and up to seven (7) dampers.
-Up to three (3) dampers can be connected in parallel. A total of no more than seven (7) dampers may be connected to the system. A system may be a single panel or multiple panels.
-If more than three (3) zones are required, additional panels can be used to control up to a total of nine (9) zones. T5 terminal strip is used only when more than three zones are required.
-Label the dampers, damper wires and thermostat wires with the zone number and the area they serve.