Acu-Rite 00787 Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Humidity and Temperature Display

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Acu-Rite 00787 Wireless Weather Station works with a wireless transmitter and displays indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor/outdoor relative humidity.  This product can help you monitor the effectiveness of your dehumidifier and/or humidifier.  Acu-Rite 00787 Wireless Weather Station and Clock predicts the weather 12 hours in advance based on barometric pressure changes!  

The six animated weather forecast icons (sun, partly sunny, clouds, rain, stormy, icy) are display on the top line of the stylish semi-metallic silver console with a dark metallic blue bezel. The three-line LCD display also shows time, temperature and humidity.

One wireless remote temperature sensor is included that has a transmission range of approximately 100 feet.

Featuring an Atomix radio-controlled clock that can also be manually set, the Wireless Weather Station has user-selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius modes; calendar with moon phase; backlighting for easy night viewing and dual daily alarms with snooze function.

Atomic clocks never need resetting - the atomic clock receives a daily radio signal from Fort Collins, Colorado, and the clock maintains accurate timekeeping to within one second of official U.S. government time. The atomic clock also automatically resets for Daylight Savings Time!

* Monitors both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
* User-selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature modes.
* Sensor can be wall-mounted (bracket included) or is free-standing. Main console is only free-standing.
* Atomic time never needs resetting.
* Instruction manual included.

* Animated weather forecasting icons and moon phase show on LCD screen.
* Console backlit for easy night viewing.
* Clock has dual daily two-minute crescendo alarm and five-minute snooze function.
* Radio-controlled time signal effective in the continental U.S.
* Low battery indicator.
* Includes one wireless remote sensor with approximate 100 foot transmission range (unobstructed).
* Remote sensor operating range -4 to 122 degrees F.
* Power source for main console are 2 AAA batteries (not included).
* Power source for remote sensor are 2 AAA batteries (not included).
* One-year factory warranty.