Proliphix NT20e Programmable Internet Thermostat, Remote Sensor Inputs

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NOTE:  This product requires an Ethernet Power Adaptor

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Single Stage Programmable Internet Thermostat .  The NT20e Network Thermostat Includes support for two wired thermal sensors.

A 21st Century Communicating Thermostat
Proliphix has taken the programmable and communicating thermostat into the 21st century by integrating it with the Internet. Proliphix Internet Thermostats can be connected via Ethernet to a home or small business network and each is able to serve up its own web pages allowing the user to control and monitor their thermostats using a standard web browser on any desktop or laptop computer. Since Proliphix uses Ethernet, there is no need for a separate proprietary wiring scheme and when used in conjunction with a broadband Internet connection its full potential will be realized.

Secure Monitoring and Control Over the Internet
Users can monitor and adjust the temperature settings of each thermostat in their home or office over an authenticated, secure Internet connection. Thermostats can be configured to send alerts to users in the event of failure or high/low temperature alarms. NT20 Internet Thermostats can be configured to send high or low temperature alerts1 by e-mail or text messaging. This feature allows users to avoid the cost of over-heating, and the potential damage of frozen pipes.

Unmatched Convenience Features
Proliphix offers indoor temperature sensors (for NT20e only), which can be mounted away from the thermostat so that temperature inside a home or small business can be averaged across multiple rooms to avoid hot or cold spots and wasted energy.  With an optional Proliphix outdoor temperature sensor connected to a networked thermostat, the heating/cooling system can be controlled more precisely to  efficiently and more comfortably overcome the indoor to outdoor temperature difference.The web browser configuration tool is simple to use and allows users to easily configure heating or cooling programs to maximize comfort and minimize energy use.

  • Supports Two Thermal Sensors
  • Single Stage Heat and A/C Support
  • Modes: Heat, Cool, Auto Changeover, Off
  • Fan Control - Manual, Auto, and on Heat
  • Fahrenheit/Celsius Support
  • Reliable TCP/IP Communications
  • Web Browser Control Interface with Secure Password Protection
  • Flexible Temperature Scheduling - 366 Day Programming
  • 4 Temperature Periods per Day
  • Vacation and Special Day Schedules
  • Remote HVAC Management with Automated E-mail Reporting (High Temperature Alarm / Low Temperature Alarm / Filter Change Reminder)
  • Proliphix Network Powered
  • Failsafe Low Temperature Switch
  • Clear, Backlit Graphic LCD
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant
  • FREE subscription to Proliphix Remote Management Service.

Compatible with most HVAC Systems; Gas or oil furnace, gas or oil boiler, Hydronic Heating, Heat Pumps With Aux Heat, Central Air Conditioning.


-Operating Temperature: -10°C to 40°C
-Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5" x 1.5"
-FCC, UL & EnergyStar approved.
- Warranty: 90 day Limited Warranty