Robertshaw 9400 Non-Programmable 1 Heat/1 Cool Thermostat, Battery Powered

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When it comes to non-programmable temperature control, we listened to the experts-YOU! Our new thermostats are the next generation in digital control. The LCD display is clearly one of the largest in the industry, up to 80% larger than competitive models. Plus, the display is back lit, making it even easier to read in a dark room. The 9400 and 9401 are loaded with enhanced features. Our permanent winter and summer setpoint memory allows you to save both heating and cooling temperature settings. This eliminates temperature adjustments when switching systems for seasonal requirements. And our fully adjustable differential provides increased comfort control. The 9400 comes with a front
load battery door, for no-hassle access to batteries. C ompatible with all standard 24 Volt AC heating and cooling systems. When you select a Robertshaw thermostat, you've made the choice of an industry partner that's been making quality products for 100 years.


. 1 Heat/1 Cool
. Large Back Lit Display
. Front Load Battery Door
. Winter and Summer Setpoint Memory
. 24V Heating and Cooling System Compatibility
. Compressor Short Cycle Protection
. Battery Operated

Electrical rating: 24 Volt AC (18-30 VAC)
1 amp maximum load per terminal
3 amp total maximum load (all terminals combined)
Temperature control range: 45°- 90°F (7°- 32°C)
Accuracy: +/-1°F (+/-.5°C)
System configurations: Single stage gas, oil, or electric heating/cooling systems
(including single stage heat pump systems)
9400 DC power: 3.0 Volt
(2 "AA" alkaline batteries included)
Terminations: Rh, Rc, W, Y, O, B, G