Robertshaw 9915i Programmable MultiStage Thermostat, with Fresh Air Control

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Finally a commercial thermostat made with building operators in mind. Your customers will benefit from maximum comfort and energy savings.

The i-Series thermostats received the 2003 Frost & Sullivan award for simple, menu-driven programming that is similar to a cell phone. Plus you can set optimal fresh air control to meet ASHRAE Indoor Air Quality Standards. We have also added an adjustable purge control to bring in fresh air occasionally during periods of non-occupancy.

The 9915i is compatible with all standard 24 Volt AC multi-stage gas and electric systems, up to two-stage heat and two-stage cool. We took the guesswork out and put simplicity in. It's programming made easy.

Bilingual Display Option Set to your customer's unique lifestyle and language-English or Spanish.

Conversational Menus Take programming step by step in plain, easy to understand language.

Convenient Displays View a full day of programming at once for quick review or easy adjustment.

Contractor ID Feature Set your name and phone number to remind customers when service is needed.

Integrated Fresh Air Control Controls fresh air during occupancy along with programmable purge cycles during unoccupied periods. Operates as a dry contact or 24V option.

Worry-Free Memory Storage Even during power outages, the thermostat maintains setpoint and programmed parameters.

Fully Programmable 7 day, 5/2, 5/1/1 or 24 hour programming menus.

Adjustable Events Per Day 2, 4 or 6 events per day for greater control of your customer's comfort.

Adjustable Timed Upstaging Helps maintain optimal temperature or energy savings.

Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage Differential Maintains optimal customer comfort.

Remote Indoor and Outdoor Sensor Capable For greater control of indoor comfort and system efficiency.

EERT (Energy Efficient Recovery) Increases energy savings. EERTM allows gradual recovery from setback temperature to minimize use of auxiliary systems.

Programmable Fan Energy cost savings. Allows user to set and provide continuous circulation for optimal comfort.

Intermittent Fan For minimum hourly fan circulation rates for optimal filtration with minimal energy use.