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Easy Reader BLUE Universal Thermostat - 1F95EZ-0671

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Emerson BLUE Easy Reader Universal Thermostat


Save up to $250 per year by using a programmable thermostat!

The Emerson / White-Rodgers BLUE Easy Reader Thermostat can be operated at a glance. And research has shown that many consumers, including the 78 million baby boomers in the United States, have expressed a clear preference for easy-to-operate, easy-to-read thermostats.

More and more homeowners in the 50+ age group are requesting thermostats with larger, easier to read displays and overall simple operation. And they are asking for simplicity. Consumers want one-button operation. One button to select heat or cooling. One button to set the temperature.

The Blue Easy Reader thermostat includes a six-square-inch back display with large one-inch characters for communicating room temperature, and half-inch characters for other communications, allowing for simple operation.

The large characters and one-button, one-function operation make it simple to set or adjust. And the lighted 6-inch display makes it even easier to operate in low light areas.


  • Homeowner-specified names on buttons - created from surveying real homeowners!
  • Simple to follow homeowner manual
  • Soft-touch key pad with large control buttons  with one function/one button selections
  • Simple menu options
  • Ships in easy-to-use non-programmable setting with 7-Day programming option available
  • Universal - controls up to 4 Stages Heat / 2 Stages Cool
  • Programmable Temperature Setpoint Limits - Prevent Unreasonable Temp Setpoints
  • Dual Fuel Capable
  • Dual Power Capable - choice of battery-powered with optional power-stealing assist or hardwired with battery backup
  • Meets EnergyStar specifications
  • Fast (FA) or Slow (SL) heating cyle anticipation
  • Compressor Lockout Protection
  • Milivolt Compatible
  • Electric Heat Option
  • Intuitive menu-driven setup, programming, and operation with audio prompt to confirm entries
  • Permanent Program retention during power loss
  • Indefinate setpoint hold or temporary temperature override - will override temperature for 2 hours
  • Heating and Cooling, heat only, or cool only configuration (installer selectable)
  • Setpoint limited range capabilities
  • Room temperature display can be calibrated + / - 4 degrees

Works with:
Single Stage Gas, Oil, Electric Systems
Single Stage Heat Pump Systems
Millivolt Systems
Multi-Stage Gas, Oil, Electric Systems
Multi-Stage Heat Pump Systems

Terminals: RC, RH, C, W/E, W2, Y, Y2, G, O/B, 6, L
Dimensions: 4.2" H X 6.4" W X 1.7" D