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Venstar Outdoor Temperature Sensor - ACC0400

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The outdoor air sensor allows the outdoor air temperature to be sent to the thermostat. It can be used with the T1100FS, T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900, thermostats. The high and low outdoor air readouts for the day can be displayed on the T1800, T1900, T2800 and T2900 thermostats.

When used as remote room sensor, the accessory can be used with the Venstar T1800, T1900, T2700, T2900, thermostats. The sensor may sense room temperature where it is installed. The thermostat will control to the remote temperature sensor reading and show a blinking degree icon next to the temperature display on the thermostat.

Requires 3-conductor thermostat wire.

The Outdoor-Rated Remote Temperature Sensor measures indoor or outdoor air temperature. The sensor measures temperature with a range of 0° to 160 F. If used indoors as a remote temperature sensor, the sensor will read room temperature and send the information to the thermostat. If used in conjunction with a residential thermostat, the sensor can be used to provide outside temperature information (which is not used to control heating or cooling).

Requires 3-conductor thermostat wire.

Wiring Requirements - The remote temperature sensor wiring has the following requirements:
1. All system wiring must be in compliance with all applicable local and national codes.
2. All sensor wiring should be color coded in conformance with standard recommendations.
3. All wiring should be 18-, 20-, or 22-gage, unshielded wire. The maximum distance between the sensor and the thermostat for 18-gage wire is 150 ft. The maximum distance between the sensor and the thermostat
for 20-gage wire is 300 ft. The maximum distance between the sensor and the thermostat for 22-gage wire is 450 ft. NOTE: Thinner wire is used for longer distances

IMPORTANT: Do not use shielded wire. Do not run sensor wiring in the same conduit as the 24-v thermostat wiring. Electrical interference may cause the sensor to give incorrect temperature readings.

Replaces: Totaline P474-0400, Carrier 33CSSEN-01, BRYANT TSTATBBPSEN-01