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Deluxe Crawlspace Passive Foundation Vent

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Mfg#:Ultra CSV
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Deluxe Crawlspace Passive Foundation Vent

Passive Foundation Vent can be used to provide foundations with passive ventilation or can be used along with a fan-powered crawl space ventilator for maximum effectiveness. This unit not only provide ventilation during the warmer months, but also includes a winter door, which allows homeowners to fully seal the crawl space during the heating season--greatly improving the home's energy efficiency. This vent can be completely installed from the outside of the crawl space in minutes.  The vent is now shipped with a stainless steel screen.

19-1/2" W X 10" H (detailed dimensions HERE)


  • Increase crawl space air flow to decrease moisture
  • Reduce heat loss through crawl space vents during the heating season
  • Help prevent pipes from freezing
  • Has a heavy duty screen and high quality ABS, which is both durable and paintable