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Totaline P374-0431 Remote Control and Receiver

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Totaline P374-0431 Remote Control and Receiver

This accessory allows for the remote operation of the most basic thermostat functions.

Compatible with Totaline thermostat models: P374-1700, P374-1800, P374-1900, P374-2700, P374-2800, P374-2900
Compatible with Venstar thermostat models: T1700, T1800, T1900, T2700, T2800, T2900

There are five buttons on the remote control. One for Off, two for Fan control, one for warmer and one for cooler.  Remote range approximately 15 feet.

The Warmer or Cooler operational control sequence varies depending on whether the thermostat is set to be a Manual or an Auto Changeover thermostat. If the thermostat was off prior to a Warmer or Cooler button press, the system will turn on in the last mode (Auto or Manual Changeover) of operation prior to pressing Off.

Remote Dimensions: 3-1/4" H X 1-3/16" W X 1/4" D
Remote runs on CR2025 Button Cell Battery
Receiver clips into accessory jack on bottom of thermostat