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Tjernlund XchangeR™ Reversible Basement / Crawlspace Fan

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Tjernlund XchangeR Reversible Basement Fan


Automatically ventilate damp, musty basements!   XchangeR can also be used to supply make-up air for stoves or fireplaces, ventilate storage areas and garages, ventilate unoccupied vacation homes.  This fan can be used to comply with residential ventilation requirements of ASHRAE 62.2-2007.

Many homes have basements that are stale, musty, or smelly because of:

  • Seasonal water issues
  • Sump pits or floor drains
  • General lack of air exchange

The musty smell that many basements have is caused by off-gassing of molds that thrive when humidity is in excess of 60% relative humidity.  The reversible XchangeR basement fan is the economical, simple way to automatically ventilate your basement to eliminate odors and reduce humidity. 

Tjernlund's reversible XCHANGER Basement Fan includes an adjustable dehumidistat for automatic operation and (2) 90 CFM fans which can easily be reversed to exhaust air, supply fresh air or provide a balanced air exchange. Great for damp, musty basements, garages, storage areas or cabins. Uses only 35 watts compared to over 1000 watts for a typical dehumidifier, saving over $100/year in electricity. Built-in dampers prevent unwanted air infiltration. Simple plug-in electrical connection.

In a basement, the XchangeR is can be mounted through the rim joist on top of your foundation wall (rough opening 12 1/4" x 5 1/4").  It includes sturdy exterior hood with cleanable screen and damper stops to prevent infiltration of unwanted air. 

Inlet and exhaust of air can be ducted in/out of specific basement rooms by using the optional DT2-6 duct takeoff kit.  This kit is also used when using the XchangeR in an enclosed utility room with chimney vented heating equipment.

With addition of common plug-in "lamp timer" unit can be scheduled to run on a timed basis rather than via the included dehumidistat control.  Includes installation instructions, cut-out template, mounting hardware.

Voltage: 120
Watts: 20 (1 fan) or 40 (both fans)
Amps: .3 (1 fan) or .6 (both fans)
CFM: 90 (1 fan) or 180 (both fans)
Dehumidistat Setpoint Range: 20-80% Relative Humidity
Dimensions: See Below