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Tjernlund RadonVAC Side Wall Radon Mitigation System - RMS160

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Tjernlund RadonVAC Side Wall Radon Mitigation System - RMS160

The Radon Vac Radon Mitigation System is designed to reduce radon levels in homes by removing radon gas from beneath the home and discharging it to the outdoors. The Radon Vac eliminates intrusive PVC pipe runs vertically through living areas or ugly PVC runs up the home exterior. It reduces radon across a variety of sub-slab soil types (dirt, gravel, etc.). It features a sealed, galvanized housing & PSC permanently lubricated, quiet-low watt motor. The corrosion-proof, Variable Aspiration Control Hood dilutes radon gas with infused outdoor air & propels it away. Airflow velocity easily adjusts for various pipe lengths and extraction point from a sump pit or below basement floor.


  • Safe - Traditional radon fans need to be terminated above the roof since they cannot always maintain the velocity needed to prevent recirculation. The Radon VAC's hood easily adjusts to provide instant dilution and a powerful exhaust stream away from your home.
  • Simple - Avoid the costs and hassle of running PVC throught living spaces from the basement to the roof. Requires only a 4" hole through the wall. Fan and hood connect directly to 3" PVC pipe. Just plug in the 6' power cord to operate.
  • Subtle - Side wall venting keeps the mitigation system out-of-sight eliminating unsightly PVC pipe runs up the home's exterior. The Radon VAC's efficient motor ensures quiet operation
  • Saves - Engineered as a total radon mitigation solution, the side wall vented Radon VAC will save you hundreds of dollars in extra materials and labor when compared to rypical radon mitigation installations.

Motor: 115 Volts - 50/60 Hz
Watts: 50
Amps: .80 maximum
CFM at 0" WC - 160
CFM at 1" WC - 90