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Humidity AlertT Thermometer/ Hygrometer / Clock

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Identify your high humidity issues with the Humidity AlertT from Therma-Stor.T The Humidity AlertT was designed to discriminate between occasional periods of high humidity and the prolonged periods that create a risk of unhealthy biological activity. It's a simple, inexpensive device that monitors temperature and relative humidity conditions and records data that is known to contribute to wood rot, mold growth, musty odors and increased pest activity.

How Humidity AlertT works:
Humidity AlertT sounds an alarm if relative humidity exceeds your humidity setpoint (default 60%) for 12 continous hours.  Alarm will sound for 5 seconds and repeat every 30 minute until you shut off the alarm or the battery dies.  Humidity AlertT will tally the number of hours of RH over your desired setpoint.

Displays (on a rotating basis)
1.  Current Relative Humidity
2.  High Limit Relative Humidity (can be set from 50 - 80%)
2.  Days of high humidity (from 0-199)
3.  Accumulating hours of high humidity from 1-12
4.  Current Temperature in F or C

Recommended Settings:
Manufacturer recommends alarming for +70% RH and 12 hours to avoid nuisance alarms.  If concerned about dust mite in carpeting on concrete - 60% RH and 12 hours is recommended.

Unit dimensions - 2-1/2" W X 4-1/8" H X 3/4"
Uses (2) "AA" Alkaline Batteries (not included)