Phoenix Axial Air Mover wih FOCUS Technology (4025200) - 16 Pack
(case of 16 Pcs)

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The Phoenix Axial Air Mover is the industries only Air Mover
specifically engineered with patent pending FOCUS Technology. FOCUS
Technology revolutionizes evaporative drying by producing air
velocities at least 40% greater than competitive product offerings.
Additionally, this highly focused Air Flow is directed towards
restoration industries problematic drying areas namely, carpet and pad,
sub-floor, and walls. Finally, the Phoenix with FOCUS Technology
sustains these air flows over 22.5 feet.

Phoenix's Axial Air Mover includes a 2-speed fan delivering a FOCUSED
3000 cfm airstream, lightweight stackable enclosure designed to fit
technicians' vehicles, onboard duplex GFCI outlet, circuit breaker, and
superior cord management.


. FOCUS Technology revolutionized evaporative drying by producing

velocities up to 4x greater than competitive products
. Focused velocities 0 to over 23.5
. FOCUS Technology directs air towards problematic corners (floor),

carpet and wall, or subfloors
. Focus corner drying reduces: secondary damage claims, side-effects of

trapped humidity like fungi, mildew or structural damage
. 3000 cfm, long-life 2-speed motor
. Low noise, quiet operation


. LLDP - Linear Low-Density Polyethylene housing
. Lightweight and compact
. Washable and chemical resistant
. Stacks easily for storage or transport
. Ergonomic handle
. Colored Restoration Red for high visibility.


. Sealed power-on switch and illuminated indication lamp.
. Automatic hour meter displays site run time
. On-board power management features:

- Circuit breaker protects air mover and attached devices
- Breaker prevents nuisance visits to the junction box
- GFCI protection promotes operator safety in wet applications
- Duplex AC outlet allows inter-connection of up to four axial air


. 20 ft AC cord with cord management

**Made in the U.S.A.**