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Suncourt -- ZO106 Zone Control Damper - Normally Open

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The ZoneMasterT Zone Control Damper saves money on heating and cooling by controlling temperatures in individual rooms.

Fits 6" duct. Power off = "open."

. The ZoneMasterT has a safe, low voltage motor
. The ZoneMasterT is a tremendous energy saver
. Free-wheeling coupling between motor and damper shaft for long life
. Housing length is 8"
. The ZoneMasterT comes with a 3 year limited warranty
. Transformer is included with damper

The following will be required to complete the installation:
. A standard low voltage Heat-Cool wall thermostat, designed for gas furnaces.
. Electrical wire, 2-conductor, 20 Gauge (CL-2 or Bell Wire) to connect the Transformer to the Damper. If the total length of wire exceeds 80 feet (25 m), use 18 Gauge wire.
. A cover plate with knockout for the electrical box that the Transformer will be mounted on.
. If you are mounting the Damper between floor joists in flexible duct, you will need two duct supports.
. Duct tape.