Spruce SDB110P Dryer Boosting Fan Kit with Pressure Switch

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Mfg:Spruce Environmental
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Spruce SDB110P Dryer Boosting Fan Kit with Pressure Switch

Dryer boosting involves adding and auxilliary fan inline to a clothes drying system to increase airflow and efficiency of the dyer in situations of long duct runs.  These long duct runs result in long drying times and excessive wear and tear on the dryer. 

Many dryer installations do not allow direct venting and the typical residential dryer cannot operate efficiently against the resistance created by the necessary duct work. The results are longer drying times, higher energy usage and costs, and excessive wear and tear on the dryer. 
Some common examples are:

  • Basements that do not allow direct venting.
  • Central interior located residential laundry rooms.
  • Apartment complexes with centrally located laundering areas.
  • Apartment complexes with individual hook-ups for dryers in each apartment.

Boosting is usually required when total duct length exceeds the following:

No Bends - 25 feet
1 Bend - 20 feet
2 Bends - 15 feet
3 Bends - 10 feet

Kit includes RB110 EnergyStar Rated Inline Fan and remote pressure switch.  Positive pressure in the dryer duct run causes the switch to provide power to the fan.  Fan should be mounted within a minimum distance of 15 feet of ductwork from the outlet of the dyer to the inlet of the fan.  An auxilliary lint trap can be used if the fan will be mounted closer than 15 feet.

The pressure switch must be mounted vertically on a wall surface as near the outlet of the dryer as possible.  Mount the duct probe through the duct and connect with tubing provided to the pressure switch

Fan Specifications:
Connects to 4" Duct
Consumes 14-19 Watts
Typical CFM Vs. Static Pressure in "WC
0" - 121
.2" - 100
.5" - 68
.75" - 20