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Skuttle Model 86-UD Under Duct Drum Humidifier

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Skuttle Model 86-UD Under Duct Flow-Thru Humidifier. Ideal for Heat Pumps and High-Efficiency Heating Systems. Mountable on horizontal ducts as small as 12" wide and 8" high.

Skuttle..a trusted name since 1917, manufacturers efficient, reliable, affordable Indoor Air Quality products. Skuttle specializes in manufacturing products that make homes comfortable and healthier to live in, the whole year through.

- Easy to maintain-unique mounting frame allows easy removal from duct for cleaning or servicing
- Uses minimal water and electricity
- Durable, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic cabinet
- Mountable on horizontal ducts 12" or wider
- Output capacity of 17.0 gallons per day at 120 degrees Fahrenheit
- Includes self-piercing saddle valve, 24 volt transformer, mounting hardware and homeowner's manual/installation instructions.
- Includes SK0-0055-001 Manual 24VAC humidistat
NOTE: The use of the Skuttle Automatic Self-Flushing Timer is recommended.

Product Specifications: 
 SQ. FT. AREA* (air changes/hr.)
1,848 loose house (2)
2,576 average house (1)
4,048 tight house (1/2)
UNIT SIZE (inches) - 6 3/8" H X 15 1/4" W X 19 1/2" D (underduct section) / 3 1/4" (projection into duct above)
PLENUM OPENING (inches) - 12" L X 16" W
WATER FEED RATE .7 Gallons Per hour  / 17.0 gallons per day at 120 degrees Fahrenheit

Frequently asked questions:

What's the best setting for my humidistat?
For the greatest comfort and best indoor air quality in your home, set your humidistat between 30 and 40 percent humidity. At that level, health-endangering conditions (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mites, ozone production, etc.) are greatly reduced.
How often should I service my humidifier?
This will vary depending upon the type of humidifier you have, the hardness of your water and the operating time of your unit. If you have a Skuttle flow-thru unit or if you have a reservoir-type humidifier with a Skuttle automatic flushing timer-once a year is generally sufficient. Contact your HVAC contractor for advice specific to your needs.

Which Skuttle humidifier is best for my home?
The type of heating system you have, the size of your home, the hardness of your water and a variety of other factors all affect the kind of humidifier that's best for you. That's why Skuttle makes more humidifiers than any other manufacturer.

Should my humidifier operate during the summer months?
Because summer air is naturally more humid in most parts of the country, it's not necessary to humidify during the summer months. In fact, dehumidification is often desirable. Fortunately, your air conditioner is an effective dehumidifier. During the winter months, however, when the air is much drier, proper indoor humidification provides a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

How is one type of humidifier different from another?
Drum and flow-thru humidifiers are evaporative types that can only put as much moisture into the air as the air can handle. This range varies with the indoor temperature. Steam and spray-type humidifiers, on the other hand, can add moisture to the air regardless of its temperature.

Why do I lower the setting on my humidity control when the outside temperature drops?
Relative humidity also referred to as RH%, is the percentage of water in a vapor form, contained in the air at a specific temperature. Because air expands when heated, the relative humidity decreases unless moisture is added. The reverse applies to air that is cooled, it contracts and relative humidity increases until it is saturated or reaches dew point. Dew point is the temperature that the air becomes saturated and water condenses just as water condenses on a glass of ice water on a warm humid day.

The suggested settings appear backwards at first, because one would think that we would turn the humidifier up when weather conditions become colder. However the setting must be reduced to prevent condensation on windows and interior surfaces, that may cause damage to your home if the humidity levels are to high during extreme cold. Some professionals advise that the relative humidity indoors during the winter months should be maintained at 50%RH or even higher. However typical home construction and design criteria (even in today's housing industry) can't withstand the higher settings for extended periods.

I just installed a Skuttle humidifier in my house. How come I don't feel any difference yet?
The period of adjustment can take up to three weeks. This is understandable since furniture, woodwork, carpeting, plaster and house plants will absorb the newly produced moisture until they reach normal levels.

I've heard its better to use hot water with my humidifier, is this true?
Hot water will not harm your humidifier, however our lab tests show that the small performance gains are not worth the added costs for heating water.

Can I install my humidifier in an area where it might freeze, like my attic?
No! Installing a humidifier in a potentially freezing environment, no matter what type or brand, could cause serious water damage to your house.

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