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Skuttle Model 216-2 Make Up Air Control - 4" Duct

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Skuttle Model 216-2 Make Up Air Control - 4" Duct

Self-Adjusting Make-Up Air Control Provides Year-Round, Filtered Fresh Air.

The Skuttle Model 216 Self-Adjusting Make-Up Air Control is installed on the return air plenum of the furnace. Six-inch insulated flex duct connects the Make-Up Air Control to a screened, fresh air inlet mounted on the outside of the home. When the furnace blower operates, the damper in the Make-Up Air Control opens, automatically pulling outside air into the furnace. The air is cleaned by the filters, heated or cooled, and circulated through the duct system. As a result, a slight pressure builds up in the home, preventing unwanted air infiltration around windows and doors.

Installation Package includes 4"-6" reducer, 4" inlet hood, mounting hardware, mounting template, installation instructions and an allen wrench for adjustment.

Fresh Air Inlet - 8" Length

Appropriate for all warm-air heating systems
100 percent self-adjusting; uses no electricity
Quick and easy to install
Reduces drafts and uncontrolled air infiltration to provide year-round comfort
Combats interior air pollution created by today's tightly constructed homes
Improves furnace efficiency by providing proper air for combustion
Durable, corrosion-resistant, stainless steel construction ensures long life
Available exclusively from Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products 

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