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U Tube DynaMeter Manometer Vacuum Gauge

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U Tube DynaMeter Manometer Vacuum Gauge

Reads 0-4" W.C.
Non-Toxic Fluid
Adjustable Zero
Vinyl write-on radon system sticker included 
Includes mounting screw - and peel-away sticky back for easy mounting
Includes small length of tubing for connection to PVC pipe
Compact - only 7-3/4" H x 1-1/2" W

In many areas - code requires a radon system to include a visual indicator that the system has failed or is operating properly.  This gauge is a cost effective way to meet this requirement.

Select location on the vertical suction pipe where vaccum gauge is to be mounted.  Pipe surface should be clean and dry.
Remove end caps from both tub ends.  Hold gauge upright to prevent loss of gauge fluid.
Remove protective backing from the foam tape on the back of the unit and firmly press into place on piping.
Allow fluid to settle in gauge for several minutes and then zero the gauge by sliding the tube until the tops of both columns alighn with the zero mark on the pressure scale.  The gauge may be fixed in this position using the provided mounting screw.
Drill a 3/16" hole in piping 2 inches below the top of the gauge.
Insert vinyl tubing into either opening in the gauge tube and push firmly.
Install the end of the tubing into the drilled hole - apply caulking for airtight connection.