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RadonAway Home Radon Test Kit - Double

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RadonAway Home Radon Test Kit - Double

The Short Term Liquid Scintillation (LS) Radon in Air Test Kit is a complete home radon test that is fast and easy to use, requiring only 48-96 hours of testing. The kit includes two LS test devices, instructions and laboratory analysis.  Does not include postage on shipment to lab.

  • Prepare house for testing
  • Select the test areas
  • Perform the test (for minimum of 48, and maximum of 96 hours)
  • Complete the paperwork
  • Send the test device(s) to the laboratory immediately - you are responsible for postage
  • The laboratory has eight days in which to receive the test device to provide an accurate test result.  A written report will be sent to the e-mail/mail address indicated on the Lab Data Form.

    Download Test Kit Instructions Here

    NOTE: The included instructions cannot anticipate or address every condition that may arise when performing a radon test. Some states have specific regulations regarding radon testing. If you have questions about your state's requirements please contact your State Radon Office.  Special restrictions apply in New Jersey and Florida.