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8" X 25' Uninsulated Foil Flex Duct
(case of 25 Fts)

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Quietflex 8" X 25' Uninsulated Foil Flex Duct - Box of 25 Feet

Use non-insulated flexible ductwork when ducting through conditioned spaces. 

Installation Notes:
Not to be installed in lengths greater than 14 feet.
Not to be used to vent appliances for cooling, heating, and clothes drying unless approved and recommended by appliance manufacturer.

Performance Data:

.Rated Positive Pressure 10" W.C. per UL 181
.Rated Negative Pressure 1/2 W.C. per UL 181
.Velocity - 6,000 FPM
.Temperature Range:  -20 to 200 degrees F (Intermittent) / -20 to 180 degrees F (Continuous)
.Flame Spread/Smoke Developed Less than 50

*we recommend that you check with the local code body having jurisdiction in your area to determine applicable codes.