Momentary Contact Switch for Panasonic "VKS" Series Fans

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Momentary Contact Switch for Panasonic "VKS" Series WhisperGreen Fans

This "momentary contact" switch is often used for garbage disposers and motorized awnings - but it can also be used when attached to the red "signal" wires on "VKS" series of fans from Panasonic to easily boost the speed of the fan from the continous low-speed to the timed high speed.

Essentially, the switch is only closed (ON) when pushed, and then it immediately opens (OFF) when not pushed.  So - to start the timed high speed interval of the fan (when bathroom is in use, or during a shower), you need only push the switch.  This way, there is no risk that the fan will be "stuck" in the high speed mode because you forgot to turn the switch OFF.

To install - simply wire the 2 poles of this switch to the 2 red "SIGNAL" leads coming from the fan junction box.

Works with these non-lighted models:

  • FV-08VKS1
  • FV-08VKS2
  • FV-08VKS3
  • FV-13VKS2
  • FV-13VKS3
Works with these lighted models - NOTE- you will need 2 additional standard switches for light and nightlight:
  • FV-08VKSL1
  • FV-08VKSL2
  • FV-08VKSL3
  • FV-13VKSL2
  • FV-13VKSL3