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Pro1IAQ Model T771 Heat or Cool Only Thermostat

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Pro1IAQ Model T771 Heat or Cool Only Thermostat

This unique, and straight-forward thermostat allows for lower setpoints than most off-the-shelf thermostats.  It can be used for heating only or cooling (selectable in setup menu) and offers low level setpoints down to 25 degrees.  If you are a property manager - this thermostat can save you money!  High and low setpoints can be locked down to prevent occupants from turning up heat (or turning down cooling) to unreasonable levels.


  • Single Stage
  • 1 Heat Only or 1 Cool Only
  • Battery or Hardwire
  • Non-programmable
  • One universal model for heat only or cool only
  • Low setpoint range down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Setpoint limits
  • 4 square inch lighted display
  • Great for garage or warehouse applications and computer equipment rooms
  • 5 year warranty

Control Range of Temperature - 25 to 95 degrees F
Load Rating - 1 amp per terminal, 1.5 amp maximum all terminals combined
Swing (cycle rate or differential) - Adjustable from .4 to 2 degrees F
Power Source - 18-30 VAC, NEC Class II, 50/60Hz for hardwire (common wire) / Battery power from 2 "AA" Batteries
Dimensions - 4.7"W X 4.4" H X 1.1
Terminal Designations - R, C, Y/W, G