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ComfortDry 400 Residential Gas-Fired Desiccant Dehumidifier

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Mfg:Novel Aire
Mfg#:Comfort Dry 400
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NovelAire's ComfortDryTM400 is a gas-fired desiccant-based dehumidifier designed to provide comfort and improved indoor air quality through the control of indoor air relative humidity. The ComfortDry 400 uses a separate humidistat to control the humidity of the home independently of the central HVAC system. The unit is a compact, energy efficient, and clean burning gas-fired appliance capable of accurately maintaining the indoor humidity in a home between 45 to 55% RH - the desirable range for comfort and the optimum range to minimize or prevent the growth of mold and mildew. If desired, the unit can control the indoor humidity to much lower levels as well.

The revolutionary new technology of NovelAire's Comfort WheelTM is specifically designed to maximize moisture removal and comfort in your home. The Comfort Wheel rotates slowly while simultaneously absorbing the moisture from your home. The moisture-laden wheel then rotates into the outdoor air stream where a gas flame heats the outdoor air so that it dries the wheel and discharges the unwanted excess moisture outdoors. This energy efficient process
provides greater comfort and lower cooling bills.

Unique Features of the ComfortDry 400 dehumidifier
1. Desiccant based system- the ComfortDry 400 is a desiccant based whole house dehumidifier that utilizes natural gas to reactivate a rotating honeycomb type desiccant wheel. The desiccant concept has the ability to
remove moisture efficiently to low dewpoints if desired. The concept of using economical, clean burning natural gas to control humidity throughout the home is an attractive one. Refrigerant based dehumidifiers have difficulty controlling
below 50% RH and become very inefficient as the humidity lowers.
2. Whole house dehumidifier- the ComfortDry 400 ties into the existing air handler system and distributes dry air throughout the entire duct system. It cycles on and off independently of the A/C system and controls off of a separate
humidistat mounted on a wall inside the home. If desired, the unit can be installed separate from the A/C unit with its own return air and supply air duct system.
3. No drip line- no liquid water- because the ComfortDry 400 is a desiccant based system, the adsorbed moisture leaves the unit along with the combustion products up a flue stack all in the vapor phase- similar to a gas hot water heater vent. Unlike competing refrigerant systems, there is no liquid drain line to worry about plugging and overflowing, - no buckets to empty when full.
4. Simple Design- the ComfortDry 400 is a relatively simple piece of equipment. It consists of two fans, a rotating desiccant wheel, and a gas burner. Periodic filter changes typical of any HVAC equipment is all that is required for maintenance. The "heart" of the unit, the desiccant wheel, should never need changing and will not loose its capacity over time and is designed to last the life of the equipment. The desiccant wheel carries a 5 year limited warranty (a 1 year limited warranty is offered on the rest of the equipment).
5. Simple Installation- installation requires tying two 8" ducts into the main trunk of the air handling system downstream from the evaporator coil. In addition, a 6" reactivation inlet duct along with a filter is attached to the unit and a 5" flue is installed similar to a hot water heater. The unit is then piped for gas and the total job is estimated a 3-4 hours for retrofit installs and 2-3 hours for new construction installs.
6. High moisture capacity- one ComfortDry 400 unit is capable of controlling the humidity in a typical home of up to 3000 sq ft. The unit has a capacity (@ 80F and 60%RH) of 150 pints per day.
7. Potential Rebates- gas company rebates may exist in certain locations. Since the unit shifts some of the air conditioning load from the electric side to the gas side, certain utility rebate structures may exist.


The ComfortDry 400 is typically installed where the unit is tied into the existing air handler downstream from the evaporator coil. In this configuration a gravity damper is installed between the two connections to prevent back flow. The ComfortDry 400 is controlled by a separate humidistat and will cycle on and off to control humidity independently of the main A/C system. The ComfortDry 400 can also be installed separately from the main A/C system if desired. In this configuration, the unit will have its own return air and supply air ducts. Supply air ducts are typically branched to two or three ceiling ducts servicing main rooms of the home.


  • Power: 120 V, 15A Circuit, 1PH 60 HZ, FLA 3.4, RLA 3.2
  • Control & Interlock: 24 vac
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Process Volume: 400 CFM
  • Regeneration Volume: 120 CFM
  • Capacity (@80F, 60% RH) : 150 Pints/Day
  • Gas Burner: 9,000 - 14,000 BTUH
  • Sized for: Up to 4000 Sq. Ft.-Typical
  • Dimensions: 54" W X 20" H 17.5"

***Note: Our shipping arrangement for this item includes palletizing and shipping via an LTL freight carrier. There is a very high risk of damage when the unit is shipped via a small package carrier such as UPS.   This shipping offer includes "to the curb" delivery.  Click here for more shipping details on  this dehumidifier.