Pre-Packaged Crawl Space Sump System

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Mfg:Little Giant

Pre-Packaged Crawl Space Sump System - CS-SS (part # 14940655)

An ideal solution to help prevent water and moisture from collecting in the low areas of your crawl space. Removing this moisture aids in prevention of mold and fungus which causes allergies and odors, as well as moisture damage to wood floors, insulation and metal ductwork. Also helps minimize structural damage from freezing water which can cause your foundation to buckle. The CS-SS can also be used to help prevent water from standing in low lying problem areas such as yard, patio, driveway and other areas around your home.

Kit Contains: 

  • 1/3 HP cast iron pump with overload protection
  • 18" W x 22" H (46 cm x 56 cm) light weight perforated polypropylene basin (Lid approx. 21" W)
  • Structural foam cover with slip fit flanges
  • 1-1/4" x 24' (31.7 mm x 7.3 m) discharge hose kit
  • 1-1/2" MNPT (38 mm) x 1-1/4" (31.7 mm) barbed check valve 
  • UL / CSA listed pump

Read all instructions before beginning installation.
Be sure the installation does not exceed the maximum vertical lift (head) of 20 ft.
Use backfill gravel that is larger than the holes in the basin. Not doing so will cause damage to the pump which will void the warranty.
Select an area that collects water, typically near the foundation, and dig a hole approximately 1 ft. larger in diameter and deep enough to allow the tank lid to be about 2" above the ground.
Make sure the basin is level to within 1/8" across the diameter.
Install check valve to pump, hand tight is sufficient. Snap in the 2" grommet in the cover. Thread hose through the 2" grommet and connect hose to check valve using hose clamp provided. Feed the pump power  cord through the other hole in the cover. Feed the discharge hose out away from the house.
To test, plug the pump in and run water into the basin until the pump switches on. If the pump does not switch on refer to trouble shooting information in the instruction sheet for the pump.
Secure the cover to the basin. Do not over-torque the cover bolts.