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Lennox Healthy Climate # 75X73 Catalyst Insert Assembly

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Lennox Healthy Climate # 75X73 Catalyst Insert Assembly

NOTE: Product has been re-designed.  The metal insert will be transitioning from multiple flat and corrugated foil fins to an expanded honeycomb surface. The new design is more compact. The thickness of new inserts will change from 2" to 1" deep frame when shipped. This manufacturing change provides a more robust insert while product performance and maintenance cycle (2 years) remain unchanged.

Replace metal insert and lamps every 24 months. Replace insert more frequently if you notice a significant drop in odor removal efficiency. If you find that you need to replace the  insert more frequently than every 24 months, consider source reduction and/or ventilation to reduce the levels of contaminants in your home

To ensure performance of the PureAirT Air Purification System, the filter, UV lamps and PCO metal insert must be changed-out according to recommended maintenance schedules:

PCO-12C / 20C (1st Generation): Filter changed annually, UV lamps and PCO metal inserts changed every two years.

PCO20-28 / 16-28 / 14-23 (2nd Generation): Filter, UV lamps, and PCO metal insert changed annually. Note: UV lamps will not necessarily burn-out after 1 year, but they will lose effectiveness (reason why we recommend annual change-out).


  • Replacement titanium dioxide coated honeycomb screen for Pureair air cleaner - Model PCO-12C
  • Uses Photocatalytic Oxidation process for removing polutants.
  • removes 75% of particles down to 0.3 micron
  • 60% of bioaerosols down to 0.3 micron
  • Removes odors and destroys 50% of chemicals wihin a 24-hour period
  • Replace metal insert and lamps every 24 months.

    Note: DO NOT WASH metal insert. Washing will destroy the titanium dioxide catalyst that coats the insert surface.