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Replacement For Lennox 98N45 Filter (14 X 25 X 1)
(case of 6 Filters)

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Mfg:Koch Filter Corporation
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Price: $32.30
($5.38 ea)
case of 6 Filters

14" X 25" X 1" MERV 8 Pleated Filter (Actual Size 13.5" x 24.5" x .75")

Protect your heating and air conditioning equipment and promote good indoor air quality with this high-quality pleated filter.  Designed for general air filtration applications with light to medium dust loading conditions, these pleated panel filters are engineered for sturdy, economical performance and ease of use.


  • Entry-level pleated filter offers improved filtration over common fiberglass filters
  • Pleated media means greater filter surface area and high dust holding capacity
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Moisture-resistant beverage board frame and sturdy support grid for even pleat spacing and structural support
  • MERV 8 rating means the filter attracts common large household allergens like dust, pollen, and mold spores
  • Replace every 90 days under normal use
  • MERV 8 Rating
  • 100% synthetic gradient media, electrostatically charged
  • 30 gauge galvanized expanded metal grid
  • Moisture resistant double wall beverage board
  • Media pack totally bonded to frame
  • This product is listed and rated by Underwriters Laboratories as U.L. Class 2.
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