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Jackson System T-32-S1 Indoor/Outdoor Remote Sensor

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Mfg:Jackson Systems
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Jackson System T-32-S1 Indoor/Outdoor Remote Sensor

Locate the sensor in the same manner as a thermostat. Mount the sensor 18" away from any outside wall. Do not install the sensor behind doors, in corners or other dead air spaces. Keep the sensor away from direct air flow, supply registers or near sources of heat such as lamps and appliances. The maximum wire length from the sensor to the thermostat is 300 feet. Use a separate 18-2 thermostat cable for sensor wiring. Prior to wiring the sensor to the thermostat, use an ohm-meter or multimeter to measure the resistance of the sensor. Measure at the end of the wires that will connect to the thermostat. Confirm the resistance value (within 5%) to the temperature where the sensor is mounted. Disconnect power to the thermostat when wiring the sensor to the 'T' and 'T' terminals. Strip only as much insulation off of the wires as necessary to provide a good contact with the terminals. The sensor is not polarity specific so either sensor lead may be connected to either terminal on the thermostat.

Mount the sensor on a vertical exterior surface below an overhang. Choose a location protected from direct sunlight and exposure to excessive moisture. Follow the same wiring and test procedures as installing an indoor sensor

2" W  X   2-7/8" H  X  1" D