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6" Round Motorized Retro Damper by Jackson Systems

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Mfg:Jackson Systems

6" Round Retro Damper

The Retro DamperT is the easiest and least expensive way to zone an existing home or building. With traditional round zone dampers, it is required that a section of the existing ductwork be removed and the damper be installed in this section. With the Retro DamperT, a small 1" slot cut into the existing ductwork is all that is required. Then it is simply fastened to the ductwork with four zip screws. Installation is that simple!

Another benefit to the Retro DamperT is its actuator. It uses a high torque, low power actuator. This allows up to 20 dampers to be wired directly to the zone control panel (no additional relays or transformers required). Installation is that simple!

And because the high-quality Retro DamperT is low cost, almost any home or building can now be zoned easily and cost effectively. It is that simple!