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10" Round Zone One Damper Assembly D-Z1-10

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Mfg:Jackson Systems

Zone OneT is a two position stand-alone zone control damper assembly designed to solve isolated over-heating and over-cooling problems. An entire building can also be controlled by multiple Zone OneT dampers.

This damper can be used to control a single room, or by using a number of dampers, zone multiple rooms. The duct sensor, auto changeover control and zone damper motor are pre-wired at the factory. Simply run two wires from a 24 volt transformer, three wires from the thermostat, and you are in business!

Sequence of Operation

The Zone OneT thermostat signals the damper to open or close. Warm or cool air is delivered depending on whether the automatic changeover sensor (located on the damper) senses warm or cool air in the supply duct. The green LED on the printed circuit board indicates the damper is in the open position.

NOTE: The HVAC unit must be controlled by its own space thermostat or discharge air controller. Do not install a Zone OneT thermostat and damper in the area where the equipment space thermostat is located.

Damper Features

Available in round or rectangular
Powered open/spring closed
Auto changeover (set at 72 degrees F)
Minimum position adjustment
24 Volt AC motor
LED status indication of damper position
Pre-wired controls from factory
No control panel required
Clone dampers available
Most orders shipped the same day
5 year warranty


Construction: 22 Ga. Galvanized Steel
Linkage: Direct Drive
Length: 10"
Motor Voltage: 24 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 6.5 Watts, 7VA
Torque: 35 in-oz to 55 in-oz
Temperature Rating: 0 degrees F to 120 degrees F Operating
Humididty: 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
Timing: 30 Sec. Powered, 8 Sec. Spring Return
Static Pressure: Maximum 1.0" W.C."